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Tour du Mont Blanc Guide
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Day 10 Tre le Champ to La Flegere

From Tre le Champ the ascent is steep and in sections fixed ladders are in place to help over a section of rock.

The path leads to the Grand Balcon Sud, a classic route in its own right the downside being it may be very busy. Eventually a cairn is reached, the route to La Flegere heads straight on, to the right the route takes you up to Lac Blanc (2352m) which is worth a visit if the weather is good although if its a sunny day it will be over run with day trippers.

Camping is not allowed in this area although between sunset and sunrise discrete bivouacking is possible.

Chamois and Ibex are found in this area, are fairly tame and seem to like posing for photos. The path continues along until it reaches La Flegere. Here there is the Chalet de la Flegere (1877m) but if its busy you can take the cable car down into the valley to find accommodation. This is a good reason to start the TMB from here.

K.Vans-Colina 2008