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Tour du Mont Blanc Guide
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Day 4 Rifugio Elisabetta to Courmayeur

Leaving Rifugio Elisabetta the path continues down the valley beside some lakes created by the retreating glacier and the valley being blocked by the moraine of the glacier do Miage. Opposite Glacier du Miage take the right turn up the side of Val Veny.

The route then contours along giving excellent views of the glaciers and mountains on the south side of Mont Blanc to reach the main ski area servicing Courmayeur. Here you will find the Refugio Masion Vielle (1956m). For campers this is probably the best place to stop as the only camping in Courmayer is off the TMB route in the Val Veny.

To reach Courmayeur take the route down to the right of the refugio. This will bring you into Courmayeur via the village of Dolonne. Courmayeur is a large expensive ski town and can be a bit of a shock after a few days in the hills. It is a good place to stock up for the next few days.

Hotels here are expensive and the nearest camping is at Mont Bianco La Sogente in Val Veni.

K.Vans-Colina 2008