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Tour du Mont Blanc Guide
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Route Overview

The route description here follows the classic 11 day itinerary. Some of the days can be run together to give a shorter trip. The table below shows both the classic version and an 8 day version of the route.

The actual route varies from guide book to guide book. Where there is a possible variation some will have one route as the diversion while others will have the other route. The route described on this site may differ from that in a particular guide book although this will mainly be in the choice of actual and variant for a days walk.

The itinerary should be taken as a guide and some days it might be necessary to stop early or do a longer day to reach suitable accommodation.

11 Day 8 Day From To Distance Ascent Descent
1 1 Les Houches Les Contamines (16km) 890m 730m
2 2 Les Contamines Les Chapieux (19km) 1300m 930m
3 3 Les Chapieux Rifugio Elisabetta (14km) 1000m 400m
4 Rifugio Elisabetta Courmayeur (16km) 490m 1400m
5 4 Courmayeur Rifugio Bonatti (14km) 1600m 680m
6 5 Rifugio Bonatti La Fouly (20km) 880m 1420m
7 La Fouly Champex (15km) 430m 575m
8 6 Champex Trient (15km) 1185m 1385m
9 7 Trient Tre le Champ (13km) 960m 830m
10 8 Tre le Champ Le Flegere (9km) 790m 330m
11 Le Flegere Les Houches (16km) 770m 1615m

The normal starting point is at the Teleferique Bellevue in Les Houches.

Another popular option is to start from Chamonix. From here you can either head straight up to Bellachat or walk up the valley and take the the Teleferique de la Flegere to Flegere.


Chamonix is not actually on the route but most people end up here at the beginning or end of their trip as it is the largest and most well known town in the valley. There is a huge array of accommodation, outdoor shops and restaurants so it is a good place to kit up before heading out, or for relaxing after a trip.

For camping the Camping Les Arollas at Le Cry near the Teleferique du Plan de l'Alguille is a popular, although often busy site.

K.Vans-Colina 2008